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Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Título : Censurando since 2011
Mensagens : 22938
Reputação : 727
Desde : 03/05/2012
Idade : 22
Localização : Ibitinga - SP
Link :
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em Sab 14 Out 2017, 09:49
Escrito em inglês para alcançar mais pessoas.

Can I introduce myself?

I'm Valdir da Costa Júnior (Junior_Djjr / Djjr) from Brasil, Ibitinga - São Paulo.

I create mods for games since 8/9 years old (more than a decade); since my cool Windows 98 without internet access.

Even before I knew mods I was already modifying GTA San Andreas, in 2010. In February of 2011 I had internet access, I started to dig deeper into the GTA mods, created a blog ( and the following month I had 500 views a day. Currently having 1 million a month.

I'm game modder, indie game developer, music producer, designer, and something like that... Lover of technology, natural sciences, music etc.
About mods for GTA San Andreas, I create really anything - but not organic modeling (skins/peds/clothes) and no focus on plugins.

I've always liked to modify and create new things since I was a child... so I really like what I do.

The workshop

Before, I never bothered to divulge my mods in different countries. Sorry for almost everything post is written in portuguese, but Google Translator does a good job in portuguese-english. There's a translator widget in my blog. And in the major mods, I tried to include readme file also in english.

I'm always open for new mod ideas, but try to say just simple and really creative things, remember that I always have big projects to do so I can't stop them to dedicate to something new. I'm just one person. And don't say "do when you have time", I'll never have free time.

The list

"Featured:" [by relevance] - Major mods.
"Common:" [by most recent] - Normal mods.
"Fixes / Minor contributions:" [by most recent] - Mods that I contributed just a bit or I fixed bugs/crashes, because I believe modding is free and everyone can fix the error of others.
"Very old" [by most recent] - Please don't expect anything amazing... I did a long time ago. May be a sh*t.

If I forgot to put some mod here, let me know!

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Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Título : Censurando since 2011
Mensagens : 22938
Reputação : 727
Desde : 03/05/2012
Idade : 22
Localização : Ibitinga - SP
Link :
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em Sab 14 Out 2017, 09:50
Scripts & Technical

Tuning Mod - Ft. (+)
Mix Sets - Ft. (+)
Real Traffic Fix [VC|SA]
VehFuncs - Ft. Fabio
MDPM - Directional Music From the Trunk - Ft. (+)
MDPMv5 (speakers vibrating with bass) [WIP] - Ft. Fabio

Never Despawn
No Star With Cop Outfit
Carl Saving New Year - Ft. Firefly
Carl Saving Christmas (Carl Salva o Natal) - Ft. Firefly
Soft Particles - Ft. Boris Vorontsov
Disable interiors if wanted
Chainsaw Panic
Oil Leaking
TheBirdsUpdate - Ft. LINK/2012
Pose Mod
All Cheats Off
Anim Play
Change Night Hour (earlier night)
Save screen after mission
Rain Chance (configure rain possibility)
Insult Mod - Ft. thalilmythos
Ear Ringing Mod
Fix locations without reflection on rainy wet ground
Timecyc Dark Nights
Urbanize Project
Automotive Paint Compressor Mod [Scripts] - Ft. Yhdf
Fix MALE01 (fix model of drivers and gangs)
Fix Taxi Light
Improved Weapon Slots (carry M4 and AK47 etc at the same time)
Realistic Population (new popcycle.dat)
Throw Rotate Fix (Molotov / grenade spinning in the air)
Stolen Cargo (make money with loads)
Trees Remove Mod (no tree for increase FPS) - Ft. Firefly
No Dual Wield + Hold pistol with two hands
Collision Tweak (edit vehicle coll reaction)
Run/Sprint in Interiors
Fix Peds Hands Up for Car
Hands Up Fix
Winter Popcycle (remove beach peoples)
No Dealer Help Text
Food Eating Fix
Animated TV with channels
Ped Lean (peds leaning on wall) - Ft. R3-volver
Horns Divert (cars dodge when horn)
Illuminated Vinewood Sign - Ft. Firefly, alex59f
Radio Default [VC|SA]
Election Campaign - Ft. Hue, Firefly
Panic Face (facial expressions)
Radio Change Down Fix [VC]
Mod Insects
Atmosphere Billboard Roll (animated outdoor) - Ft. Firefly, GTA Berlin
Mod Favela by Base 05 - Ft. Base 05
Wanted star when wheelie a bike
In-Game Parked Car Creator
Hide weapons while driving
Camera Lock in Aircrafts
Put Glasses / Shades
Put Helmet
Local Save Name
Choose Gang Weapons
Bulletproof vest - Ft. Diego4Fun
Backfire - ALS
Name Weapon Spawner
Air brake sound
Disable hud by pressing a key
Receive Half of Money
Enhance ParticleTXD
Load Whole Map
Worn brake pad sounds - Ft. Fabio, Amilton
Airplane Tire Skid
Vehicle Immunities (fix trailers & bikes)
Change pistol animation
Christmas lights at CJ house
Snow Flakes - Ft. oCain
Name car spawner
Fix Moving Melee
Ghosts in the LS Cemetery - Ft. Blok, Israel
Fire on water fix
Peds Skills
Female Skin Helper (fix female players)
Taxi in any vehicle (Uber)
Mod Cement
Secondary Color in Tuning Garages
Ped Bleeding
Lamppost Insects
Lure's Rancher (rnchlure) in Lure mission
Open / close car windows
Handling Changer
Exhaust Tweaker - Ft. Fabio
Ryder Pet Dog - Ft. Black_Jack, (+)
Parachute Landing Anim Fix (cleo) - Ft. crspo2020
Change Gear Anim
Change Gear Anim for Peds
Hide windshield (to see better in first person)
Delete weapons / brass knuckles
Ped Money Tweaker
Put on hood - Ft. (+)
Railway Sounds [Sound] - Ft. LINK/2012
Horn Anim - Ft.
Fix Water Square
Macaws and parrots in SA - Ft. Amilton
Robbing houses with any car
Open trunk and hood
Rain sound in interior
Plane Explode Fix (airplanes doesn't disappear when exploding)
Delete objects within the game
Save Helper
Soldiers with RPG
Lighting Mod - Ft. Amilton, Twister, Function-X-
Turning lights on and off
Skid Tweaker (configure skid marks)
FPS Counter (in cleo)
See time on watches - Ft. Nex'
Realistic Prision v3 (BETA) - Ft. Lord_Jc
Cars Divert
Test Car Load
Stream Usage Counter (show memory use)
Wind Mod (configure wind)
Car Crash Anim (inertia when crash a car)
Tire bursts in big falls
People Attention (peoples look at you)
Manual Firing
Enhanced Functions (Weapons)
Open cars doors slower
Carry map objects in hand
Mod Dubstep Gun - Ft. RS Studios
Redeem Balloons
Accidents on the roads
Functional Car Wash
Arena Survivor - Ft. Lais
Skill for gang members (see also Peds Skills)
(Mission) Occurrence - Securicar
Easy Paintjobs
Hide Of The Cops
Pilots in helicopters
Oil Leak Mod
Speedometer DJJR

Fixes / Minor contributions:
Furniture Mod [Fix] - Ft. Deji
SpeedoSA [Fix] - Ft. fastman92
Better Skybox [Help][Fix] - Ft. guru_guru
Manual DriveBy Remake [Fix] - Ft. ThirteenAG
Angel Pine Hide Out (save inside Angel Pine trailer) [Fix] - Ft.  M. Osborn
Rent a Car [Fix] - Ft. Dutchy3010
Realistic Weapons Settings [Help] - Ft. Deadstroke, (+)
Realistic Spread [Help] - Ft. Deadstroke
More Locked Cars [Help] - Ft. Nex'
Real Area 69 [Help] - Ft. Deadstroke
Portal Gun (alternative version) [Fix] - Ft. Ryosuke839, Raikov Raidenovich
FreeFall [Fix] - Ft. JuarezSoares
Switch Driver v1.3 [Fix] - Ft. AlexTMjugador
Real Peds (more behaviors for peds) [Fix] - Ft. dim1988
Car Chase [Fix] - Ft. BC7
Backpack Mod [Fix] - Ft. Dakurlz
Lock picking for cars like in Mafia 2 (fixed) [Fix] - Ft. Izerli, Deadstroke, QwertNilol
Radio Volume Control [Fix] - Ft. LINK/2012
Selfie Mod (take photo like GTA V) [Fix] - Ft. Krash
Weapon Inventory [Fix] - Ft. Thayná
Play as Crow [Fix] - Ft. Dakurlz, alex59
Peds can swim [Fix] - Ft. Alexander Blade
Starry sky [Fix] - Ft. Semer
Nitro Control (CLEO) [Fix] - Ft. LINK/2012

Very old:
Peds with cellphones
Quick Teleport To Marker
Wolf In SA
Mod Nitrous Purge (Sneeze)
Change Hud Colors
Reverse light (and back warning on trucks and buses)
Handshake Mod
Mod cleo Xenon (multicolor) - Ft. LINK/2012
New anim group for peds
(Mission) Occurrence - Kidnapping
Realistic Prision v2
Mod Paparazzi
Mod cleo Glendale ghost
Spawn a CJ
Mod Cleo Max Velo 999 - Ft. (+)
Blue Speedometer (Vectra)
Party In CJ House
Heli in LS [Edit] - Ft. (+)
Unbreakable car
Control Wanted Level
Brazilian Timecycle
Gay Pedestrian
Drunk Pedestrian

Textures & Graphics

ECG - Enhanced Classic Graphics
ECG - Enhanced Classic Graphics (Vehicle.txd)
Remastered Effects - Ft. Ezekiel
Brazilian Roads

Mobile Font Fixed [Fix] - Ft. MJay, ThirteenAG
Toreno Ranch Shadow Fix (screenshot)
Fix Santa Maria Beach safe house shadow
Animated TV (El Chavo Del Ocho) - Ft. Angeloski85
Low grass

Very old:
HD Vinewood Sign
New Lag-Free Trees
Best Graphics Pack - Ft (+)
New interior for the Johnsons house
New Lag-Free Grasses
New clean ground for Grove St
New Prostitutes [Pack] - Ft. (+)
Player & Clothes
Beta Shoes
Compton Cap - Ft. Lowryder King

Fixes / Minor contributions:
Silver Chain [Fix]

Very old:
CJ White HD - Ft. Navetsea
CJ White Low
BMS Gloves - Ft. MarcosStyLL
MixMods T-shirt
Cyclone Chain - TAZO [Textures] - Ft. Lowrider King
Spinner Chain [Textures] - Ft. Lowrider King
Rip Curl T-shirt
Old CJ Beta
Tiger Tatoo
Level design
INSANITY Construction Site by Ezekiel - Ft. Ezekiel
Brazilian Speed Bumps - Ft. ThePedro004

Missing CJ Door Fix - Ft. M. Osborn
CSR Classics Garage for Tuning Mod [Adapt]
New CJ House GTA V Style [Scripts] - Ft. PCALFONSOUN, Renato Russo
NFS World Garage for Tuning Mod [Adapt] [Fix] - Ft. DeadDRFTR
Grid 2 Garage for Tuning Mod [Adapt] [Fix] - Ft. DeadDRFTR
Realistic Beach
Wasteland Map

Fixes / Minor contributions:
Sunshine Autos in Las Venturas [Fix] - Ft. Rocky24pl
Beach Vends [Fix] - Ft. (+)
Grove Street INSANITY [Fix] - Ft. Ezekiel
Kapu Pohaku Island (Epsilon island) [Fix] - Ft. Midnightz
Tractor Valtra 685 (SA Style)
RESPECT Vehicles Pack [Pack] [Fix] - Ft. (+)
307cc BMS Edition (multifunctional) [Script] - Ft. Tasso3D
Lancer Evo X BMS Edition (multifunctional) [Help] - Ft. Fabio, Tasso3D, Amilton
90s Atmosphere Vehicles Pack Reborn [Pack] [Help] [Fix] - Ft. Firefly, (+)

Infernus Type R - Ft. Jur1zz

Fixes / Minor contributions:
Predator Drone MQ-9 Reaper [Convert]
Imponte Deluxo da DLC The Doomsday Heist [Script][Fix] - Ft. Automan
Ferrari California (hardtop convertible) [Fix] - Ft. Artur0777, kenking
GTA III HD Vehicles Tri-Pack [Fix] - Ft. OnePiece
Honda Biz 125 [Fix] - Ft. (+)
Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T (tunable) [Fix] - Ft. Andrew_A1, Elyzandro, (+)
Chevrolet Opala [Fix] - Ft. kakutouka
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera [Fix] - Ft. Matheus-340
Bike CR 125 [Fix] - Ft. Sh!t, (+)
Acura NSX 91' [Fix] - Ft. myster92
APP Sliding Door Van [Fix] - Ft. Izerli
Trackmania StadiumCar Brazil [Fix] - Ft. Wiksaw

Very old:
Cheetah HD textures
Landstalker HD textures
Paintjob Monster Energy for Slamvan
Police Cars HD textures
Bravura HD textures
Flash HD textures - Ft. Filipe 3D
Tractor HD textures + Tunable
Admiral HD textures
Tuning Parts
Furze's Box
Sandbox Pack
BMS Sound Pack

Amplifier module Taramps HD10000
Moura Battery
"U" Rope - Ft. Vitor A.K.
Subwoofer Ground Zero Hydrogen QZWH
Euclides Sound Box
Amplifier module Stetsom 6K5 EQ 6500W
Underground 2 Bumpers Pack
Advertising sound box
Paintable Viper Chainset
Tuning Mod's Speaker
Customizable Decals Pack
Simple Car Hitch 1
Simple Canvas

Adapt / Minor contributions:
Cyborx Race Parts [Adapt] - Ft. (+)
Rocket Bunny 1 [Adapt] - Ft. (+)
GTA V Rat Rod Engine [Adapt] - Ft. Automan
GTA V Lowriders DLC Bobbleheads [Fix] - Ft. (+)
Functional Neon [Adapt] - Ft. Zaz
VW Saveiro Surf Steering [Adapt] - Ft. Devidim 3D
Orbital Wheel [Adapt] [Fix] - Ft. JHacker
Engine65 (Compressor) [Adapt] - Ft. Alison Rodrigues (+)
Motoboy Trunk [Adapt] [Fix] - Ft. (+)
Drag Kit 1 [Adapt] - Ft. club[th]
Apocalypse Pack [Adapt] - Ft. Metro 2033
Veneno Wheel (Lamborghini Veneno) [Adapt] - Ft. Gameloft (Asphalt 8)
Trio Box 1 speaker +  Subwoofer XTR [Help] - Ft. Vitor A.K.
Pack_TM [Help] [Fix] - Ft. Wilker Santos (+)
Mix2 [Adapt] - Ft. Pav3l
GTA V Dragster Scoop (functional) [Adapt] - Ft. Daniel69
Hydraulic Kit - Pesco Pumps + Keys [Adapt] - Ft. woofi
BF Old Tire [Adapt] - Ft. EA Games
Eclipse Elite exhaust [Adapt] - Ft. EA Games
Drift Pack Sami [Adapt][Fix] - Ft. Sami
Mix1 [Adapt] - Ft. StratumX
Donk's DUB Wheel Pack [Adapt] - Ft. Leo KurIIngah
Supercharger Blower 3 (functional) [Help] - Ft. Vitor A.K., Meck
Drag Wheel 1 [Adapt] - Ft. Armend, Logan
Roof rack 1 [Adapt] - Ft. Jhon
Off-Road Shield [Adapt] - Ft. Jhon
VW Amarok Rollcage [Adapt] - Ft. Selau
Total Conversion / Overhaul
GTA Brasil [WIP] - Ft. (+)

Very old
GTA New Nation - Ft. Black_Jack, LINK/2012, (+)
(sorry for portuguese in almost all tutorials...)
CLEO Script Tutorial (GTA3script) [PT-BR]
Getting Started to Build a Modified GTA (How to build a good GTA) [PT-BR]
Add cars without replace [EN / PT-BR]
Add weapons without replace [PT-BR]
How to create good textures (Video) [PT-BR]
Mix .ifp files animations [PT-BR]
All about ModLoader [PT-BR]
How to configure Project2DFX [PT-BR]

Make vehicle appear more [PT-BR]
Add cars without replace by extra car [PT-BR]
How to lower car with notepad [PT-BR]
GTA SA Translation PT-BR - Ft. MJay, (+)

Map Mod Mover - Ft. Nex'
ModLoader Translation PT-BR
Arma G36C (BF2) + Sound [Sound] - Ft. Deep Ice
Tests, Experimental
Anim Play
Bug 0x858624
Almost canceled, Canceled
Birds Mod
Dynamic Damage
Infernus 93'
Improved Rains

Other games
Guitar Hero
Textures & Graphics
Mod Casey HD
Frankenstrat Guitar (Eddie Van Halen)
ENB Series for Guitar Hero 3
NFS: Underground 2
Scripts & Technical
Suspension to Air \ Hydraulic when entering in Dyno
Smoke on the tire leaving the Dyno

Textures & Graphics
Square Radar (GTA V style)
Brazilian sound system
ENB Series for NFSU2

Translation PT-BR - Ft. SideWinder, Elyzandro

Games that I'm developing
IMPUNES — a GTA style game set in Brazil [Co-Producer | Programmer | Level Designer | Texture Designer | Sound Designer]
Guitar++ — a Guitar Hero style game [Notes | Sound Designer | Level Designer | Gameplay Support]

Donations should be common in modding, unfortunately it is not yet.
You can thank me (and others) for devoting to mods. This is very important because we are all human (or should be).

Wire Transfer (BRL):
Nome: Valdir da Costa Júnior
Banco: Banco do Brasil SA
Agência: 505-3
Conta Corrente: 30555-3

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BMS agora em nova plataforma:
Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Título : Censurando since 2011
Mensagens : 22938
Reputação : 727
Desde : 03/05/2012
Idade : 22
Localização : Ibitinga - SP
Link :
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em Sab 14 Out 2017, 10:02

BMS agora em nova plataforma:
Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Scripter CLEO - Avançado
Título : Censurando since 2011
Mensagens : 22938
Reputação : 727
Desde : 03/05/2012
Idade : 22
Localização : Ibitinga - SP
Link :
Ver perfil do usuário
em Sab 14 Out 2017, 10:14
PT: Anteriormente postado na GTAForums mas apagado por causa da política de ads. Eu mesmo escolhi com que apagasse pois era mais viável pra mim; GTAF não é o centro do universo, eu só tinha 100 views por dia lá. Eu só quero ter um lugar para guardar uma lista.
Novas mensagens falando sobre o caso serão apagadas.

EN: Formerly posted in GTAForums but deleted because of ads policy. I chose to delete it because it was more viable for me; GTAF isn't the center of universe, I had only 100 views per day there. I just want to have a place to store a list.
New messages talking about the case will be deleted.

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